screen printing

Spreading ink on shirts is our primary discipline, although it’s not the only thing we do. Apparel Graphics is one of the most technologically advanced screen printing facilities on the west coast. Our equipment combined with expert staff and relentless passion for our craft affords us the ability to deliver second to none screen printed garments with great efficiency. Our reputation is everything and we’ve been taking great pride in our work since 1997.


  • – Qualified staff with over 50 years combined experience
  • – Strict quality control
  • – State of the art MHM® automated screen printing equipment with full-color capabilities
  • – Capable of producing up to 2000 imprints per hour
  • – Oversized printing capabilities
  • – Special effects printing
  • – Environmentally friendly inks by Claira™
  • – Custom Pantone™ color matching
  • – Ecologically and socially responsible production practices