August 31, 2017

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  • Behind The Screen - Maldición
  • Behind The Screen - Maldición
  • Behind The Screen - Maldición
  • Behind The Screen - Maldición
Maldición is a lifestyle apparel brand focused on Xicanx/Mexican culture. These guys design and create some of the most inspiring art that we’re lucky enough to get to work with. The details in every design are so great that we often catch ourselves getting lost in the art itself. But that’s where the fun lies. Our crew thrives in challenging themselves to translate and deliver these designs onto a variety of different garments/items.
Go ahead.  Check them out and get lost for yourself.

A Q & A with Antonio of Maldición.

How long has your company been in business?

We started making t-shirts un-officially in 2012, but launched our site and made things a little more official in mid 2013.

What is the primary function of your business/company?

Maldición is an apparel brand, but more importantly we are a form of self-expression. We look to develop pieces of art that express the Xicanx/Mexican experience and the medium we’ve selected to showcase that art is t-shirts. We look to inspire our community and we look to be inspired.

Who is your target market?

Our main target is the Xicanx/Mexican community, we do what we do because we felt the need to speak our own truths in our own way. We touch an many aspects of our experience as Xicanx/Mexicans/Americans living here in the US. Some political, some cultural and all with the understanding that we can help give a person a voice though the work we do. But we have noticed that our concepts resonate with some many other people besides the Xicanx population, which is awesome. People from all walks of life, all ages and ethnic backgrounds are digging what we do. Some love the aesthetics of our work other gravitate more towards some of the messages.

Why do you do what you do? Give me the story.

The name Maldición literally means curse. The name came about with this understanding that we all have negative things we must fight against in life and it’s up to us to identify them and fight through them. As mentioned before, we look to inspire and empower people though are work. Our tag-line is “Redefine Cultura” for us what that means is giving our community a positive voice, something people can be proud of wearing and using that to express themselves and hopefully stimulate conversations either about culture, traditions and/or our current social/political climate. We look to shine a positive light on our community. We are tired of seeing our community portrayed in negative ways or seen throw a very narrow lens. There is so much more to us that what we see on TV and other media outlets. This is especially true today.

For me reading Xicanx literature and studing Xicanx/Mexican art changed my life.

Growing up, in a small town like Half Moon Bay, I always felt like a foreigner in the country I was born in, and it wasn’t until I began to learn about my history and culture that I began to be inspired and empowered to make positive changes in my life.  I finally was seeing our stories being told in our own voices. We, Maldición, want to contribute to that experience for the younger generations.

How many employees do you currently operate with?

I never really thought of ourselves as employees… I do all the art and my wife helps with paperwork. We we have booths or events our families come out and help with running the events. Our models are our friends, family and people we meet that love our work. That’s about it. We don’t really have employees but we do have a lot of passion and a lot of beautiful people that are down to help with what we do.

How long have you been working with/using Apparel Graphics?

I believe it will be almost a year

Has your experience been a positive one?

We have had a great experience working with Apparel Graphics. Apparel Graphics has truly been a great partner in the development of our brand. Brett and the team have been externally helpful and really great to work with. Customer service goes a long way and Apparel Graphics is second to non in that sense.

What sorts of products/items does AG supply you with?

AG has helped us develop our hats, t-shirts and tote bags.

How do you (the company) utilize the items you get from AG?

Staff uniforms, giveaway/promotional items, retail sale, etc… Retail

Give us a story or situation that’s happened to you or one of your colleagues on the job that might make us laugh, or seem out of the norm?

My 4 year old son had a rough weekend last weekend. He had his birthday party on Saturday. he overdosed on cupcakes and thew up all over the living room. The next day he stuck a lego up his noise.

If we looked on your phone, what is the last picture you took?

haha It’s a photo of a food truck that took our luchador design and used it as their logo with out permission… ¡Jerks!

Once a week I have to have/do?

Once a week I have to have some tequila

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