Q – How do I place an order?

A – Please fill out this form and we will get back to you with an estimate.

Q – How long does it take to receive my order?

A – Orders are typically shipped 10-12 business days from final order/art approval. Need it faster? Let us know.

Q – Do you provide art services?

A – Please provide details of what you may need and we will let you know if it’s something we can help with.

Q – What are your order minimums?

A – Our order minimums for custom accounts are 24 units. Our contract decorating minimum is 72 units. These are “like” styles that get the same imprint.

Q – Do you guarantee your products?

A – We take pride in our craft. If we did something wrong we’ll make it right.


Q – What is an underbase?

A – An underbase is a layer of ink printed underneath the colors of an image on dark or colored garments. It is used to prevent the garment color from showing through the image.

Q – How many colors can you print?

A – We can print up to 14 colors. With a technique called simulated process printing we can produce brilliant full color images using a limited number of colors.

Q – What other printing techniques do you offer?

A – We offer several different screen printing techniques including foil, discharge and water based printing.

Q – Can you do oversized printing?

A – We offer oversized printing. Our current maximum image size is 17″W x 24″H.

Q – Where can you print on a shirt?

A – Here are our standard screen print guidelines although we can print custom placements.

Q – Can you print on hats?

A – We offer printed heat transfers on foam or 5 panel hats. Typically hats are best suited for embroidery.

Q – Do you charge for screens or setups?

A – We do not charge for screens or setups.

Q – Can you print on jackets?

A – Most jackets contain multiple layers which is not suitable for screen printing. We recommend embroidery for these items.

Q – Can you match Pantone™ colors?

A – We offer free custom Pantone™ color matching.


Q – What is digitizing?

A – Digitizing is a process we use to recreate your design in a format that embroidery machines can read. It requires specific software that is only used by people in our industry.

Q – What is hooping?

A – Hooping is the process used to attach the garments to the embroidery machine. There are two types of hoops, tubular and cylindrical. Tubular hoops are used for hooping flat items like shirts and jackets. Cylindrical hoops are used for hooping hats.

Q – Can you embroider on apparel pockets?

A – A general rule for embroidery is that if you can’t hoop it you cannot embroider it. Because of this we cannot embroider on apparel pockets.

Q – Where can you embroider on a hat?

A – Here are our standard embroidery  guidelines. Custom placements on hats are available for custom orders of 144 pieces or more. Please contact your sales representative for more details.

Q – How many colors can you embroider?

A – We can embroider up to 15 colors although most design require far less.

Q – What other embroidery techniques do you offer?

A – We offer several different embroidery techniques including 3d puff foam and burmilana.

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