artwork guidelines.

Vector Files (.ai, .eps)
Vector art is created in vector based programs such as Adobe Illustrator. Each object created in a vector program can be resized and manipulated.

All type set be converted to outlines (curves).
Raster images placed within vector art must meet raster image guidelines. Please include the original raster image with your vector file.
Please convert all colors in your artwork to spot colors. Label each swatch with the corresponding Pantone color or chose one from our standard color chart.

Raster Files (.psd, .tif )
Raster art is created in raster programs such as Adobe Photoshop.
Raster images are made up of tiny dots called pixels and are not generally easy to edit.

All raster images must be sized to 100% of the actual imprint size or larger.
All raster images must be 300 ppi (pixels-per-inch) when rendered at the actual imprint size.
All raster images must be submitted in their original color space (RGB or CMYK). Please do not convert from one to the other. RGB color space is recommended for full color images.

Acrobat Files (.pdf)
Acrobat files have been converted from one of the raster or vector based program listed above.

PDF files created from these programs must retain full editing capabilities as the program they were created in.
PDF files must meet all guidelines listed for raster and vector images.

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